Since our inception, Prod-Active HR has been totally focused on matching highly competent Israeli talent to leading companies around the globe.


Prod-Active HR specializes in placing Mid-Level to Senior Level Professionals.
We partner with our clients to fully understand their needs, corporate culture and expectations. Let us provide innovative solutions for your staffing needs.



What we do

The Israeli market is based first and foremost on Innovation, knowledgeable and unique talents.

The right talent can "change the course of the game" by using innovative ideas, not being afraid to ask the hard questions and being a team player.


Prod-Active HR connects companies and countries to the people in Israel that can solve their most pressing challenges.


We strive to find those talents and match them to the right team, project and company.

Practice Areas

  • Engineering

  • Software

  •  Hardware

  •  Mechanical

  •  Electrical

  •  Systems


  • Design Management

  • Product Management

  • Project Management

  • Medical

  • IT & Telecom

Executive Search & Recruitment

We can find the right talent according to your needs and the level of experience you need. Our team have access to a large group of highly experienced engineers, leaders, senior management and executives.

Our unique talents are hand picked to match the organization needs (culture  and professional wise). 

Executive Assessment Services

We are using a variety of tools to search and find our talents and examine their suitability - personality and professionally.


In order to find the best match, our mission is to know your company!


We will personally contact your company representative, understand your needs, your products and your organizational culture.

After having all relevant information we will match you the most qualified talent that will fit your requirements.


We have the ability and experience to search, head-hunt, interview, test and relocate the right talent for your company\team.


All our candidates are fluent in English and some of them speak other languages: Spanish, Italian, German etc.


Our candidates will welcome the opportunity to relocate to other countries.