We are ProdActive

we find simple solutions to complex problems.

Whether it's making highways safer and less congested, improving patient outcomes or disrupting the status quo

our team of research, design, engineering and experience experts integrate with product teams to create novel solutions that drive-change and have a positive impact.

ProdActive is a product development agency founded to respond quickly to complex and highly regulated businesses.

We work collaboratively with our clients every step of the way, from customer insights to final product, ensuring safety and regulatory needs are met.

Some of the world's most demanding companies in the medical, industrial, and consumer industries have trusted us to develop and launch their products. We're proud to have helped them introduce new technologies and reach new markets.

ProdActive was founded in 2014 by CEO Tsahi Grinberg and is headquartered in Haifa.

Core team

Tsahi Grinberg
Founder / CEO
Clinton Young
Head of Design
Sagit Possek
Head of HR
Marie Davis
Lead Human Factors & User Researcher
Suraj Soren
Lead Product Designer
Zivojin Borzas
Development Team Lead
Radomir Zivojinovic
Technical Project Manager
Josh Simpson
Lead UX/UI Designer
David Elmer
Product Designer
Ivan Panasiuk
Technical Project Manager
Daniela Navaes
User Researcher
Njegos Ignjic
Technical Project Manager
Goran Tokovic
Development Team Lead
Mihalj Kanzel
Technical Project Manager
Keren Izenberg
Project Manager
Darko Stekic
Lead Quality Assurance
Zoran Davidovic
Lead Developer