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Navigating the complex and daunting landscape of product development and regulation can be a challenge.

That's why we offer a complete suite of services to help you every step of the way, from customer insights to final product delivery.

We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that their products are safe and meet all regulatory requirements.

We are experts in…

Identifying new opportunities to deliver business & customer value
Reducing risk through early product concept validation
Streamlining product roadmaps and prioritising development focus
Designing intuitive user experiences customers will actually use
Developing safe, secure technical solutions that work
Delivering seamless connected-product ecosystems
Increasing customer / user satisfaction

What we can do for you

Our service packages can be tailored to your projects needs.
Customer Needs Analysis

Customer / user insights can be used to improve various aspects of a company, such as its products, services, marketing, and even its overall strategy. By understanding what customers want and need, companies can make changes that will improve their chances of success.

Market & competitor landscape research & analysis

It is important for product teams to understand the competitive landscape in order to make informed decisions about their own products. A competitive landscape analysis can help teams understand their competitors' products, pricing, and marketing strategies. It can also provide insights into the overall market trends.

Product innovation sprint

A dedicated period where a tailored team for your business turns a good idea into a strong business concept. Problems are confronted, weaknesses are pinpointed and solutions are identified. You have the option of working with us in person or remotely or both to suit your business’ needs.

Iterative product development

An agile working process where our research, design and development teams work closely together to continually improve your product's user experience. Depending on your product's launch date, your concept will be run through rounds of design improvement, prototyping and user testing.

Real-tech prototyping

Our real-tech prototyping / rapid prototyping process allows our team to visualise and test your product iteratively to gain feedback and validation from users, stakeholders and designers. This process will drastically improve the quality of your product by alleviating it’s riskiest assumptions.

Product accelerator

Take your product to the next level by developing its true value proposition in our product accelerator. This core outlet for product innovation allows your concept to grow to it’s full potential through our iterative and user centered research and development process.

User testing

The rigorous process that we use to test product concepts, functions and applications. Specifically, our Design Researchers and Human Factors Specialists review the stimulus with real users who perform tests in neutral, un-biased and realistic conditions.

UX audit

A ProdActive UX audit will give you the data you need to understand where your product is falling short and how to improve it. Our team of experts use proven research methods to analyse user behaviour so that you can make data-driven decisions about your product's future.

UX Expert review

An in-depth outsider analysis of your website or product with a focus on optimizing user experience and increasing value. Through the lens of a user, our UX experts will focus on spotting user experience and usability issues. As a result they will recommend solutions using their extensive knowledge of UX best practices. Our reviews are unique and cost effective as it relies on a smaller tean of expertise rather than a large group of end-users.

Product market fit

Before your company launches your product you will need to confirm that enough users are willing to pay for it. With our strategic research, advertising and marketing expertise you can feel confident that when it comes to launch day your customers will be waiting to purchase your product.

Brand identity & strategy

Create a brand that looks and feels as good as your product. With our partner company Brandborne your brand will seamlessly integrate with your products message. Attract more long term customers by developing a brand strategy with us. Increase loyalty, reliability and win the trust of your customers for the long run.

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Don't see what you need above? We also offer services in our three discipline areas.

Research & Strategy

Research & Strategy is our foundation for uncovering unmet needs and commercial opportunities for market success. With expertise across product design, UX, business strategy and human factors, we can help identify and follow the best approach for your project, translating existing trends and new user-centred insights into innovative and successful products.

Competitor Analysis
• Stakeholders
• Emerging trends
• SWOT analysis
• Market positioning
Strategic Audit
• Product goals
• Roadblocks
• Heuristic evaluation
• Roadmap planning
Human Factors
• Expert reviews
• Risk analysis
• Formative studies
• Summative studies
User Research
• Unmet needs
• Competitors
• Opportunites
• Qualitative
• Quantitative

Product Design

Our product design team helps bring people's ideas into reality. They make products not only easy and delightful, but also fine-tune their value proposition in the marketplace. Our designers are experts at getting products to successfully launch as well as developing post MVP (minimum viable product) features and product roadmaps to ensure your solutions are continuously improving and adapting to the market. We work agile to make sure your product includes the latest technology and user interfaces.

UX & UI Design
• Wire-framing
• Prototyping
• Information Architecture
• Communication
Industrial Design
• Sketching
• Concept Generation
• 3D Printing
Service Design
• Eco-system design
• Story telling
• Frameworks
• Workshops
Visual Design
• Brand Design
• Rendering
• Graphic Design
• Illustration

Software development

We perform world-class custom software development services for startups, small-to-midsize (SMB), and enterprise-size businesses. Our agile methodology covers everything from conceptualisation, concurrent front-end & back-end coding, deployment, QA, and more.

• Software design
• Algorithm Design
• Cloud Architecture
• Embedded systems
• API development
Mobile Application
• Android
• Cross platform
Desktop Application
• Scalability
• Integration
• Updating legacies
• Inventory Analysis
Quality Assurance
• Full cycle QA
• QA Audit
• Automation testing
• Independent testing